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Spyware app

Lessons created by Thai Banking Academy: Thai Banking Academy (TBAC)

That will help us be aware of online fraudsters. Complete with methods of defense, protection, and guidelines for action.

In the case of a scammer secretly installing a spyware app

Chapter 1 Spyware app

What is a spyware app? Find the answer together in this clip!

Part 2 The work of
spyware app

How do scammers use applications to suck money from our phones? Let's continue following!

Part 3: How to do it?
If you start to worry that you found a money-sucking app?

What will we do if our mobile phone a scammer secretly installed an app to suck money?

Chapter 4: How to do it?
If the app has already sucked money?

Be extremely careful. But still unable to keep the money in the account.

How do you deal with villains so that they'll be remembered?

Come watch in this clip!

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