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Banking Institute, 11th Floor, IBM Building

Thai Banking Academy

The Thai Banking Academy (TBAC) was established in 2018 by the Thai Bankers' Association to serve as a learning institution for financial and banking professionals, developing skills that meet international standards.

สถาบันธนาคารไทย (Thai Banking Academy หรือ TBAC)
สถาบันธนาคารไทย (Thai Banking Academy หรือ TBAC)
สถาบันธนาคารไทย (Thai Banking Academy หรือ TBAC)

TBAC 1.0 

The operation of TBAC 1.0 (mid 2018-2021) followed the 5-years plan of the TBA, focusing on common industry standard courses (Principles & Practical Guidelines) covering both general and compulsory courses, consisting of 4 categories:

  • Conduct: Fundamental courses to enhance ethical standards such as Market Conduct, Industry Code of Conduct.

  • Compliances:  In 2020, TBAC was approved by the AMLO to provide AML/CTPF e-learning courses and serve as an examination center. In 2021, it received approval from the OIC to provide the first-time licensing courses for life and non-life insurance brokers (Classroom and Virtual Classroom). Additionally, there is an awareness course on deposit protection provided by the DPA for bank staff knowledge and customer inquiries.

  • Core Banking Subjects: Fundamental professional development courses including PDPA, Retail Lending Series, Commercial Lending Series, Investment Series and International Trade and FX.

  • Digital Literacy:  Courses on Cyber Security and Digital ID.

TBAC 2.0
(From 2022 onwards)

The 3-years plan of the Thai Bankers’ Association covers:

  • Enhance initiatives from TBAC 1.0: Further developing fundamental courses from TBAC 1.0 on ongoing basis.

  • Beyond banking subjects: Collaborating with learning partners to expand course topics beyond banking.

  • Reaching out to the public: Providing courses to the public.

  • Connect to universities

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