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1. Why can't I take some courses?

In the case of courses on the TBAC platform, those who can take the course must be bank employees who are members of the Thai Bankers Association only. In the case that you are already an employee of a member bank, you can contact the human resources department of your affiliated bank. To receive the right to enter each course

In the case of courses in the FinDi platform, it is a platform that is open for the general public to study. You can apply for membership at the website. Or download the FinDi by TBAC application at the App store to take classes in both IOS and Android systems.

2. Can individuals take classes on the TBAC platform?

The TBAC platform can only be used by employees of member banks of the Thai Bankers Association. However, if you are not an employee of a member bank, you can attend the Thai Bankers Association (TBAC) course free of charge. In the Findi platform (FinDi: )

3. If I encounter a problem using the Thai Banking Institute Learning Platform (TBAC), what can I do?

Cases of problems using the TBAC platform for employees of member banks You can report usage problems through the human resources department of the bank you belong to. To forward the matter to TBAC officials.

In case of problems using the FinDi platform, you can contact TBAC staff.

• Email
• Telephone 02-273-0544

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