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สถาบันธนาคารไทย (Thai Banking Academy: TBAC)

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Duties and services

To suit the era of changing many aspects of the commercial banking system. Especially in the rapidly changing financial technology. and the intensity of bank supervision. TBAC has therefore implemented E-learning that reaches a large number of students to increase and develop the basic skills of personnel in the financial sector throughout the system. Students will receive a learning experience. Micro-learning That helps increase efficiency in studying very well. With the following specific features


Concise lesson content

heart of perfection

Make difficult lessons easy to understand.

Telling stories through multimedia
With concise and
interesting content


Example case study

Can be practically applied

Real experience through examples

Case studies including Quiz

In order for students to understand the lesson fully


Easy access to lessons


Can learn quickly
From every place, every time
through mobile phones and websites

Benefits to member banks (Value Proposition)

To create common standards in the basic curriculum. and courses on regulations that are compulsory for banks.

To increase efficiency and reduce costs from compulsory courses.

To create a database of the number of people who have passed standard courses in various areas in the banking system.

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