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Plastic Free July – Reducing the use of plastic in daily life

"Plastic" waste takes up to 450 years to decompose. Let's create behaviors to reduce plastic use! 

Plastic Free July

In an era where microplastic contamination is a problem (Microplastics) in the environment is increasing. Plastic has become one of the problems that we face a lot in our daily lives. Ex. plastic bags used for shopping, a plastic used for serving food, until reaching toys, and various items made from this material. Plastic has a huge influence on the environment and human health. Excessive use of plastic not only causes the problems mentioned above. But it also affects the environment in various ways, such as greenhouse gas emissions. Disturbing the lifestyle of various animals and changing the temperature of the sea may affect the population living in coastal areas.

To reduce such problems Humans have begun to change their behavior to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags for shopping. This is just a small matter, but it can greatly reduce existing problems. These small starts are the driving force that can encourage others to change their behavior as well. And it is an important starting point in reducing the use of plastic for sustainability in the future.

Reducing our use of plastic doesn't mean we have to stop using it entirely. Only we should use it consciously and choose environmentally friendly materials. It can be easily decomposed. Do not create more waste and toxins than necessary. Especially materials related to daily life such as cloth bags, plates, and glass straws, which not only help reduce problems caused by plastic. But it can also help create a better environment.

With environmental responsibility and everyone's participation, Plastic Free July isn't just about reducing plastic use in July. But it is a responsibility that must occur every day for everyone. To create a sustainable and healthy environment for humanity and our planet.

You can follow news and activities to save the world at the international level. To help reduce plastic with the “Plastic Free July” campaign, visit


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